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Access & Monitoring Automation

Patent pending devices to secure your premises and improve efficiency

Touch-Free Doors

Doors that doesn't require you to carry around keys or cards or beacons or fingers (ahem).

  • Easy online management & logs
  • Temporary guest access
  • Operate with your phone

Patrolling Monitor

Bring your patrolling efficiency from 20% to 90%

  • 15+ patrol points for one route
  • Not possible to spoof, unlike QR
  • Incentive plans to improve guard efficiency

Electric Generator Monitor

Find out the exact hours generator is running. Give everyone visibility on generator state.

  • Real-time logs of generator usage
  • Manual errors and pileferage avoided
  • Predicts fuel consumption

Peace of mind with rental

We offer an opex model where you never have to worry about maintenance or warranty of these devices

  • Perpetual replacement warranty
  • Prompt service bound by SLA
  • Affordable subscription plans

Increased Visibility

Easy to manage tools that give you enhanced control of your assets.

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